Whats new in Angular 4

Wait… Angular 4 is getting released on March 22nd 2017?? Angular 2 just got released and what about Angular 3 ?
Don’t panic let’s go through some quick points about Google’s new direction on their super-heroic JavaScript framework – AngularJS!

  • From the 2.0 version onwards, the framework will just be called Angular (no JS anymore!). AngularJS will still be used to refer the 1.x versions.
  • Angular will follow Semantic Versioning(SEMVER) with major versions with breaking changes releasing every 6 months.
  • Major version – Breaking Changes may be introduced | Minor version – New features without breaking changes | Patch – only bug fixes
  • Next version is 4 because the @angular/router was already on version 3.x and the core team wanted to bring all packages under one version.
  • Angular will follow time based release cycles.
  • Release schedule: Major versions – Every 6 months | Minor versions – About 3 every 6 months | patches – Almost every week
Now that we understood the philosophy behind the release cycles, let’s look the new features in Angular 4
  • Angular will add novalidate to forms by default
  • *ngIf syntax got an enhancement. Now we can use the if-else syntax in template binding.
  • Animations are now available in a different package. Members needs to be imported from @angular/animations from now onwards
  • Support for TypeScript 2.1 which improves the performance of the Angular compiler.
  • Angular will support TypeScript’s StrictNullChecks.
  • Angular Universal is now part of the core framework available in @angular/platform-server
  • Flat ES Modules – This feature which may go unnoticed by many helps with tree-shaking, help reduce the size of your generated bundles, and speed up build, transpilation, and loading in the browser
  • NgTemplateOutlet is now compatible with * syntax

Upgrading to Angular means upgrading your TypeScript version and dealing with some breaking changes, but its not going to be a painful process.

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